Emotions not kilometres

Some life experiences are simply unforgettable. Heli-skiing is certainly one of them.

We created this website with an aim to show you the sensations and emotions that the mountains can give, but also to provide some organizational advice for beginners, share some useful ideas with everyone who is interested in heli-skiing, as well as show you plenty of photos.

Please note that this is an informative website – we are not a travel agency and we do not provide price quotations for services linked with heli-skiing. We just want to share our strong passion for snow and heli-skiing, proving it as an experience accessible for all.

And if you don’t believe it, watch our video and the extraordinary backstage photos.

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Sci elicottero Valle d'Aosta - www.heli-ski.it

The idea

I had my first heliskiing experience in Iceland in 2014, where, apart from having enormous fun, I understood that this activity is perceived as being the exclusive preserve of those who are fresh-snow experts or extremely skilled skiers, and also as very dangerous. Nothing could be further from the truth: I decided to try to debunk these myths.

In March 2016 I began exploring the upper Aosta Valley together with a mountain guide, Jules Pession, and we decided to narrate the descents through our photographs, videos and descriptions. We added some advice and reflections for those approaching heliskiing for the first time, to push them to try even only a single descent.

A central point is safety, and respect for the guide, who is responsible for the outing, a point that we will return to often. I have flown with many guides and I have realised that their presence is fundamental, useful, and above all, that it allows you to enjoy the experience more.

Lastly, it is said that Milan is “the place to be”. The proximity of this city to the mountains means it is always possible to have optimal conditions, high safety levels and great flexibility. I have nothing against faraway destinations, where many of my friends go heliskiing, but here we shall concentrate on the gorgeous and nearby Aosta Valley.

How to use the website

It is very difficult to summarise experiences, especially when they are intense and personal. But we’ve tried!

We have dedicated an entire section to safety, to what is needed, and to how the day is organised: a sort of on-board manual to explain what you can expect. We cannot pass on the emotions, but we can definitely give some suggestions and advice to help you to enjoy the day better. I hope you also find the answers to some doubts that, perhaps, you have been harbouring.

For each of the valleys we have skied in, we have created a section that describes the individual descents: you will find photos, short descriptions, and in some cases, a detailed analysis. And there are plenty of videos, shot with drones and 360°-views for an even more immersive experience.

Here’s a tip: enjoy the pictures and videos, read some pointers and start to form an idea. Always remember that the descent can also be easy and that it is only a part of a day that begins with a scenic flight and, often, ends in dinner with friends.

Heliski & Freeride - www.heli-ski.it

Who I Am

Carlo Mazzola, Heliski Valle d'Aosta - www.heli-ski.it

Carlo Mazzola

My dream is to bring the mountain to Milan. After many years working in finance, today I am a publisher. Here I will tell you how a fifty-year-old sportsperson from Milan experiences the mountains. My favourite music is the sound of snow under my skis.

Our descents

Get the details on all the itineraries.

Sci fuoripista Valle d'Aosta - www.heli-ski.it

Contact me

I am neither a mountain guide nor a travel agency and I have no financial interests in this sector; the sole purpose of the site is to provide information on heliskiing. To date, the only sites are maintained by companies that offer activities and hence are rightly perceived by skiers as being biased. I am absolutely autonomous and independent. The centre of my professional activity is elsewhere: I am a publisher and I deal with negotiation.

If you have any doubts, questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to write to me or contact me, maybe I can help you to remove some uncertainty with a simple answer. I cannot get inside your head, but if you write to me, I promise you an answer.

I can certainly provide you with the contact details of those that are able to help you: guides, heliski operators, hotels, restaurants. And I’d be pleased to suggest how to organise a day on the basis of your wishes.

Contact us

Ski with Charlie

The mountain is my passion. I spend as much time as possible on the slopes, as my family and friends know well!
It is not the way I make my living, but it is my source of pleasure.
I ski, on and off-piste, exclusively for fun. And I do not organise professional activities because there are professional Alpine guides and ski instructors who do that.

I make a single exception, for charity activities.
I am president of a Foundation that deals with disability and sport: www.fondazionemazzola.it
If you would like to make a significant donation, you will be my guest for an unforgettable day of heliskiing together!

Write to me at: carlo@heli-ski.it

Then I’ll explain everything to you. Doing good deeds and having fun! We will ski together and it will be an incredible experience. Take it from Charlie! I’ll even issue you a passport – see here below – for the next trip I’m organising… Only for a few 😎

Sci fuoripista Valle d'Aosta - www.heli-ski.it
Passaporto Heliski - www.heli-ski.it

The Heliski passport

Issued in limited, very limited numbers, at the discretion of Charlie.
2 basic requirements:

  • You must have skied with Charlie at least once
  • The second requirement is a secret that only those who already have the passport know 🤔