The backstage of a Heliski day in the Aosta Valley.

You see it coming from far, you can recognize the noise the adrenaline begins to rise, a cloud of snow rises illuminated by the rays of the sun

The moment which you have been awaiting for months has finally arrived

Then you get in the helicopter, fasten the seatbelt and, as soon as the door is closed, you see the ground under your feet move away and in front of you there is just the mountain, high, beautiful, majestic

It’s one of the most beautiful moments to share: discover the mountain from another perspective

You approach it, you respect it, and you are ready to live it in its entirety

You admire furrows and inlets, rocks and glaciers, but above all you will always remember its incredible charm

The mountain is beautiful to experience and photograph, but also to tell and remember

It is there waiting for you to dance with it

The helicopter moves away and you stay there, on top of the world, in silence, ready to plough the sides of the mountain

You look again at the jagged profile, covered with a white blanket of soft snow

You stay enchanted and silently enjoy with the people you love an emotion that will stay with you for the rest of your life

You try to recognize the descents you have already done or take note of those to be included in the bucket list

But before you go, you will have a little briefing with the guide that is with you

To prepare physically and mentally for one of the most intense experiences of your life

And there is nothing better than sharing them with the one you love

Just the time to take a picture

To recognize ridges, descents and glaciers

Maybe two pictures

You could lose yourself in the majesty of the mountain

Enthusiasm and emotion are palpable

But this is the time to dance

Then you start to descend, from the top of the world, leaving traces in the soft coat of snow

You let the skis caress the mountainside

You explore it, discover it, you breathe as one

And then you can’t stop smiling, you wish it would never end

You watch the snow get up under your skis

You play with it, you have fun, you explore, there are no limits here

And suddenly you feel free like never before

You have not arrived yet and you already want to do it again

Then you turn around, look at it, you want to go back to the top and do it all over again

And you know that you can, that you will, because it is impossible to resist the mountain